Monday, June 3, 2013

Man of Steel: Faora

Continuing with my "Man of Steel" series this painting features the villainous Faora in her Kryptonian armor! More to come soon, thanks for stopping by! 


Anonymous said...

Awesome work mate!
I especially like how you managed to retain the so much praised (and rightfully so) unearthliness of Antje Traue's eyes while still "toonifying" the Faora character.
I heard there's even more in the pipe, like Jor-El or possibly Nam-Ek?

Brandon Pike said...

Thanks a lot! :) With these kind of studies, I try to retain the essence of the actors more distinctive features, while exaggerating an d simplifying other areas :)

Jor-El is up next with some others in coming down the pipe ;)