Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Work With Monsters

After another long hiatus, I'm back today with a look at a project I worked on last semester called "Our Work With Monsters." This project was based on a really terrific short story in which a over-zealous government agent recruits two research scientists in pursuit of a giant monster. Using a tricked out RV and golf cart, the agent had some violent intentions. His mishaps include the radiation poisoning of cows along with the destruction of his own RV. The research scientists wish to study the monster rather than kill it, but the agent is all about the sport.

This was a really fun project in which I plan on revisiting soon. This semester I'll be tackling a whole bunch of new vis dev stuff, more updates are on their way! In the meantime, I've uploaded even more work on my other blog :

Thanks for looking!


Leo Aquino said...

Hey BRandon! It was great running into you yesterday. Your work is awesome, the glowing cows is still my favorite. I actually am using it as my phone wallpaper haha!

Emerson said...

haha. i remember this. really good stuff, brandon.. really good stuff. looking forward to more this semester!

Kelly said...

So cool! It's great to see you getting into a little vis dev, can't wait to see more :)

Brandon Pike said...

@Leo: It was good seeing you too man! Thanks a lot for the kinds words, I feel so honored to be on your phone!

@Emerson: Thanks buddy! I appreciate it, I have a lot more coming soon.

@Kelly: I'm glad you like it Kelly, thanks! Vis Dev work has been a blast, it's pretty much all I work on now. :)

Yanare Ku said...

You know, when I saw one of your monster designs on the "Concept Design Club" posters in the Powell Building, I always admired it and thought "Wow, that monster looks awesome!! I wonder which professional artist they got the image from?"

Now I look at your blog and discover it was you! It looks so awesome!

Brandon Pike said...

Thanks so much Yani! I really appreciate it!!! :D