Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Move to Digital

Well, it's finally time for a change. I'm going digital! Though I've had a blast with traditional mediums for a while now, it's been a great time getting familiar with photoshop and painter. This painting was a gift to my girlfriend depicting her with her 3 kitties, inspired by the brilliant Brittney Lee! Thanks for looking, more to come soon including an 60's advertising still life, the destruction of a town, and my take on a murder conspiracy!


Kelly said...

Brandon! This is so great. This looks so professional. You have everything perfect, down to the feathering on the orange background shape. This is a really sweet illo :) Man, you're sure gettin' good!

Emerson said...

this one came out really really good. Really proud of ya, buddy. Can't wait for more new stuff from ya!