Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Autobiography of Sorts

Hey Everybody! I'm back after my couple of month hiatus and I'm ready to get going again. Here is a couple page comic of an autobiographical incident. Of course, sometimes the truth can be stretched haha. Anyways, thanks everybody for all of your comments on the last post. Here's to another fun semester. (sorry about the photos, they're kind of rough haha)


Art of Joshua De Leon said...

Nice work Brandon

Kelly said...

Hahah! I love the angles you use, you're all up with the perspective and creative layout, makes me feel lazy! Love the second to last panel especially - definitely a great likeness :P
(and yeah, the verification words are always bizarre as heck...!)

Steven Wayne Howard said...

Nice to see you back with some fun work alongside!
Side note since I don't see you in person too often- I want to give you my Lego Batmobile for rediculously cheap, I'll give you a call sometime.
I look forward to more of your work this semester, dude!

Em said...

is there just two pages? or is there more? c'mon man. show more stuff!

Debbie Bakker said...

Hi Brandon - it's Deb. Nice blog! We don't cross paths enough this semester.
I have a question for you about painting murals, which I know you have lots of experience with. Can you give me a shout? 408 859-4836