Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Ovaltine Ads

So I was approached during finals to do three illustrations for two very nice advertising students regarding a new take on Ovaltine advertising. I really had only one day available to do the three illustrations so I worked as quickly as possible to get them all done. Afterwards, the art director did a great job of toning down the saturation, giving age and wrinkles to the ads, and entering in the text. To work with both an advertising art director and copywriter was a great experience and a fun challenge.  

It was really cool trying to come up with compositions for the Art Nouveau style and testing different sorts of shape design. One image is based very very closely often a classic image by Mucha with a bit of a new twist to update it for the ad. Anyway, Thanks girls, it was fun. :)
Note: This was a school project and is in no way for commercial use.

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Christa said...

The second one looks a lot like Alfonse Mucha, I really like it.